10 steps against Cybercrime- How companies can protect themselves from malicious attacks

Dilem Kaya | 1. März 2021

How to stay up-to-date

Cybersecurity is a vital issue for everyone and every company. Especially in our highly interconnected world, and as high-profile breaches are increasing, there is a burgeoning importance of security measures which need to take place immediately.

Therefore this article serves as a little handbook for both users as well as employers. Follow and implement these 10 techniques for a better protection and efficiency in cybersecurity policies.

  1. Healthy suspicion

The first step is always to be aware of potential risks. Hence, it should be a must to organize regular cybersecurity events.

2. Updates

Updates play an essential role in detecting and preventing malware or other malicious content to break into your systems, thus regularly check for updates. There are helper-applications that automatically check for updates of installed software.

Always make sure to have installed the newest version of your device, program or application.

3. Secure and strong passwords

How to build a strong password:

4. Anti-Virus Software

Find the best anti-virus software for your device. It’s a must-have!

-Even a good antivirus software can check for the installed software whether it is update is up-to-date or needs to be updated manually.

Attention! Double check of source—>otherwise it can also be a malware install

5. Backups

Malware attacks on the Internet often result in data damage. As a result it is recommend to create backup copies.

Important: Store data backup on external media or in the cloud

6. firewalls:

Firewalls can monitor network connections and unauthorized connection attempts: As a company, one needs both:

local firewalls only works on machine on which it is installed

network firewall checks all network traffic: installed on connection nodes between the local network and the Internet

7. Security measurements

One should only install software that is really needed. This is particular true on smartphones.

Turn off by default active content (Java, flach, Active X).

8. E-mail attatchments

Never open attachments from unknown parties or klick on them when you are not sure whether you should open it. The phishing attacks are as sophisticated by now as they appear to be sent by a person you know and can thrust. Here the awareness needs to be number-one priority.

9. Check installed software

Always make sure to remove unused software or programs. Have a clear mind when it comes to desktop organization.

10. Organize Cybersecurity events

We live in an ever changing word. This hold true in the sphere of Cybercrime as with the advent of new technologies, new ways of attacking vulnerable systems are being developed. Therefore, it is of vital importance to invest in measures to protect the own company, preparing the employees and provide maximum security for one of the biggest challenges, humans will face in the 21st century.


malware = (‚malicious software‘)-computer programs which are able to infiltrate a computer.

phishing attacks = Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers. 

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